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About us:

MusicFry is a curated music discovery platform, that aims to showcase all styles of music under one roof. We hope that you find a few tracks on the site you like.

Musicfry is a service provider and promoting the content (Music, songs, artists etc) across the globe. Pre-recorded content is being provided by the owners, record labels, artists and digital marketing companies. Musicfry is only providing a platform to them to showcase their music so it may reach to the entire audience for which it has been created. Musicfry is  not liable/answerable for the content, if you have any queries regarding content please contact to the producer/record label of that content.

Our Story

There are few music streaming portals in India & most of them serves very low quality music. This laid the foundation stone of  Musicfry. We are dedicated to serve High Quality music and also to showcase the underground talented artists. If you have a good quality stuff and think   your taste in music fits the style on the site, get in touch. Drop us an email at upload@musicfry.in


This site hosts no music of its own, it uses the pre-recorded music. That being said, if you are management, label or the artist and you would like your music to be removed from this site, please email  the details of the music with your ownership/authorization proof at  remove@musicfry.in

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